Maysa’s Story


Our dear friend, 25-year-old Maysa Hagel, has suffered a devastating mid-brain stroke.

On Sept. 1, while her mother Sara was on the phone, Maysa interrupted to tell her that she was feeling strange tingling sensations in her face and arms. Within moments, Maysa’s speech began to slur. Sara immediately recognized that her healthy, vibrant young daughter was having a stroke. Sara rushed Maysa to emergency medical help at a hospital in Billings, Montana.

An extensive arterial tear was found and repaired in Maysa’s mid-brain. With tears in his eyes, the surgeon told Sara that he could only give Maysa a 10% chance of survival.

Maysa is fighting and surviving. She is making slow but steady progress, and every small step forward is cherished. Initially, Maysa was on a ventilator, a trach, and a feeding tube; only able to blink in response to “yes” or “no” questions.  While her recovery will certainly be long and arduous, Maysa has made remarkable progress! She is helped into a seated position where she remains for several hours each day and is even able to stand for a very short time with the aid of a specialized sling. While she is still unable to speak, she can form silent words.  Use of her hands and fingers is becoming more precise. Fine motor skills continue to improve.  A favorite of all in her Coeur d’Alene rehab center, Maysa enjoys soft and pureed foods, loves to drive her motorized wheelchair, and offers a beautiful wave and smile to all who pass her door!

Sara Hagel ( is known as the finest maker of mane hair mecates in the world. She is a highly respected maker of leather headstalls, purses, and associated leather goods. Lee Hagel is a valued long-time ranch employee. Hard-working and creative Maysa follows in the footsteps of both parents with interests in fine horsemanship, leather work, and even boot making.

The ever-generous Maysa and the Hagel family now need your help! Maysa’s recovery will be long and arduous. Maysa’s medical expenses will be very high.

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