Maker Details

“Once in a Lifetime Saddle”list of makers and contributors

Wolfgang Fey: tooling

Phone: +49 2771 320770
Cellphone: +49 177 3284796
Website: Instagram: wolfgang_fey_saddlery
Facebook: Wolfgang Fey

Fritz Riedl: saddle construction

Phone: +49 9567 9893164
Cellphone: +49 1522 8690339
Website: Instagram: backyard_saddlery
Facebook: Fritz Riedl & Backyard Saddlery


Gordon Andrus: engraved sterling silver string concho

Phone: 307-272-8585
Instagram: scsaddle
Facebook: Gordon Andrus

Beau Compton: engraved sterling silver string concho

Phone: 719-661-4959
Instagram: beau_compton_silver07
Facebook: Beau Compton Silver & Beau Compton

Scott Hardy: engraved sterling silver string concho

Phone: 403-558-2337
Instagram: scotthardysilversmith
Facebook: Scott Hardy

Todd Hansen: 3 pcs. Engraved sterling silver cart buckles

Facebook: Hansen Bit & Spur

John Mincer: engraved sterling silver string concho

Phone: 775-427-9007
Instagram: barvdoll
Facebook: John N Kristen Mincer & MincerSilversmiths

Hermann Oak Leather: skirting leather

Phone: 314-421-1173
Instagram: hermannoakleather
Facebook: Hermann Oak Leather

Silver King (Malila Davalos): engraved sterling silver horn cap

Phone: 818-700-1999
Instagram: silverkingusa
Facebook: Silver King
Email: or

Ben Swanke: Ray Hunt-Wade saddle tree

Phone: 406-259-9227
Instagram: swankesaddlery
Facebook: Swanke Saddlery

Jeremiah Watt: engraved sterling silver string concho

Phone: 559-935-2172
Instagram: jeremiah_wat
Facebook: Jeremiah Watt & Jeremiah Watt Products

Nevada Watt (Miller): engraved sterling silver concho

Phone: 559-630-2530
Instagram: nevdaw
Facebook: Nevada Watt Brand

Trina Weber: Monel Bell Stirrups

Phone: 208-466-2870
Instagram: trinawebe
Facebook: Trina Weber

Yonder Horse: Saddle blanket

Instagram: yonderhorse
Facebook: Yonder Horse

Cross N Custom Cinches

Instagram: crossncustomcinches
Facebook: Cross N Custom Cinches

Trina Weber shares some thoughts on her her personal and professional journey:

“I started covering Stirrups in 1985 while building bits and spurs in my fathers (Elmer Miller) bit and spur shop. I soon discovered that covering Stirrups was my ‘God given talent’ rather than being a bits and spurs maker.

After my father passed away in 1992, I went from the heading of Miller bit and spur to Weber Stirrups. Through the years I have sent Stirrups across the United States and too many other countries. I have been tasked with some challenges that kept me awake, trying to figure out how am I going to do this. I believe with the Lord on one side and my dad on the other guiding me, I accomplished them all.

After 38 yrs of a wonderful career, In January I decided to retire from building Stirrups.

My last pair of stirrups before I put down the hammer and turned out the lights was this set of 4 inch stainless covered Stirrups for the Maysa saddle.”

Nevada shares some personal thoughts about her friend, Maysa, the Hagel family, and enduring commitment to the western way of life:

“I have had the privilege of knowing Maysa since we were running around the Kings Saddlery parking lot as kiddos during the Sheridan Leather Show. Our families, both in the industry, raised us to be Makers and watching Maysa excel in all the things she tried her hand at is inspiring to say the least! I was honored to make a classic bright cut engraved slotted concho for her benefit saddle. Making this concho in the classic style just reminded me of how deeply rooted the western way of life is and the strength of those who make up this community. Strength that Sara and Maysa and the whole family have displayed throughout this difficult journey.” 

From Ben & Pam Swanke:

“We first met Sarah Hagel at the Sheridan Leather Crafters Show in 1997. It was our first year having a booth to sell our newly fledged saddle tree business. We also had our baby daughter that was only 2 months old with us. I saw Sarah pushing a stroller around that weekend, struck up a conversation, and of course we had to show off our babies to each other.  Maysa was just a month or two older than our Jamie. Over the next twenty plus year It was a joy to see our girls grow into beautiful, accomplished young women. 

“Fritz Riedl called us to see if we wanted to donate a saddle tree to this project, and of course we immediately said that we would be happy to do that. It is important to take care of people in our close knit industry. It is a small thing for us to do, but all the small things come together and next you have this beautiful saddle that may truly make a difference in Maysa’s life.”

Other Support from:

Wild Wild Rags: Gail Baldwin

Phone: 224-678-7112
Instagram: wildwildrags
Facebook: Wild Wild Rags

Eclectic Horseman Communications:
Steve Bell & Emily Kitching

Phone: 303-449-3537
Instagram: eclectic_horseman_magazine
Facebook: Eclectic Horseman Magazine